Tierra Alta Guatemala

  • Highlands Guatemala is located in the village of Llano Verde, Rio Hondo, Zacapa. 90 miles from the capital city of Guatemala.
  • The Camp sits on 30 acres, in the base of the mountains with a river that runs next to the camp.
  • The facility has the ability to host 750 campers at one time. (With 35 staff and 50 volunteers)
  • Highlands Guatemala is currently partnering with over 120 local churches in Guatemala.
  • The Rawlings Foundation offers overnight camps as well as day camps and covers the cost of transportation, lodging and food for all campers.

  • Even with the camp under construction, Highlands Guatemala hosted its first camp in July of 2021.

  • 111 campers attended and 65 made a decision for Christ!

Nery Brenes


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Monday-Friday from 8.00 am - 4.00 pm

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Our Camp

While at camp, students will hear two devotions as well as have lots of time for games and activities. During the game time the campers go to the beach and play organized games and some swim during this time. The campers leave making new friends, having had a lot of fun and hearing the Gospel presented to them at camp. Abdul said, “It is great to give students the opportunity just to ”be kids” as they are not afforded this experience often.” Since the camp began in May 2016, 27,760 campers have made a decision for Christ at camp out of 39,619 campers.



Prayer Requests


  • Pray that the schools will continue to allow the students to come to camp.
  • Pray for campers to continue to search for God’s will in their lives, and become a disciple who makes disciples.
  • Pray for the camp leaders and volunteers to continue to have opportunities to share the Gospel with students who are open to hearing it.


Our History


Since opening in 2016, nearly 70% of students who have attended camp have made a decision for Christ while at Highlands Sierra Leone. After leaving camp the goal is to get the students connected with a local church so that they can grow in their faith.

Meet the Camp Director

Nery Brenes

Executive Director

Meet the Camp Director

“Nery Brenes, Director of Tierra Alta Guatemala camp, is a servant of God. He is married and the father of three children. An agricultural engineer by trade, he enthusiastically pursues serving more in the kingdom of God. He has studied theology and his passion is to win souls for Christ. This is why, he decided at a young age to serve as a member of the regional Baptist Association . Then, he became a planter of 7 churches, which soon led him to be a senior pastor with his family. God had more plans for him. With a diverse academic background, Nery not only teaches his congregations, but is committed to training pastors in the different villages and remote mountains. To date, more than 300 pastors have been trained in theology, pastoral ministry, and preaching. His dedication to theological education has left a lasting mark on the Guatemalan Christian community. Now being director of the Tierra Alta Guatemala camp, Nery has a great opportunity to win many souls to Christ in this wonderful ministry; That passion for souls allows him to ensure that every aspect of the program is designed to point young people to Christ. Whether through recreational activities, musical moments or times of reflection, Nery seeks to create an environment where young people can learn about the work of Christ and strengthen their faith.

Nery is a director with ministry leadership and dedication, but especially with a love for the kingdom of God and a passion for souls, which is why he ensures that each young man has a unique experience and leads the team toward excellence in the kingdom of God.”

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