Other Ministries

Since the beginning of The Rawlings Foundation the mission has been “to impact youth worldwide by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and to disciple and equip believers to fulfill the Great Commission.” The main way that mission is achieved is through camp ministry. However, The Rawlings Foundation also partners with other ministries to make an impact on youth around the world.

Current Other Ministries


Since 2007, The Rawlings Foundation has run and supported a school and is looking to start a camp ministry in Botswana. ‘The Learning Centre School’ uses the Abeka curriculum which teaches through the lens of a Christian value system and challenges students to become leaders among their peers as caring, honorable, ethical, and adaptable global citizens. The goal for future camps in Botswana is to bring in students from TLCS to help give them a change of scenery where they can talk about their spiritual walk in a safe space around their peers, where it might be tough to do at school with their teachers.


Gofaone Lebotse, Superintendent of TLCS shared, “The Rawlings Foundation has encouraged spiritual growth in our students by providing a Christ-centered atmosphere that permits the students to concentrate on their relationship with God.”

Creative Access Nation

The Rawlings Foundation supports a ministry in a Creative Access Nation that is helping to empower and raise up house-churches that are sharing the Gospel with thousands in the country that does not have freedom of religion. Due to unrest and the current leadership in the country we are unable to share more information about how The Rawlings Foundation is able to help, but know that the Gospel is spreading in this nation and we are doing what we can to support.

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